We provide an array of services but each strategy or advise is customised for every client and their requirements.


intelligent business automation

Every business aims to reduce the operational cost and make working more efficient resulting in better revenue. In order to do so, automation is very important. We can design and develop a customized strategy which will help you with:

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Since every individual and organization is unique, we provide a defined set of customized solutions spelled with uniqueness.
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full stack development

Angular JS, React JS, Vue JS
HTML 50%
JQuery, Java Script, AJAX
CSS 60%
Bootstrap, HTML5 CSS
Javascript 70%
PHP, Node JS, My SQL Mongo DB
PHP 80%
Laravel, code igniter, Joomla, WordPress, Magento
Design 70%

Since every individual and organization is unique, we provide a defined set of software solutions spelled with uniqueness. Our services are based on you—and you alone!

Unlike traditional software engineers, we tailor our software solutions to your exact needs. 

And we understand that you need help in every single step of the process — luckily, we will be right beside you. We will guide you through, like a real friend that we are.

features and benefits

why do you need us

The word solution in terms of technology is never the same for two businesses. While your competitor might be working seamlessly with a program, the same might not be fit for your business.

Unlike traditional solution providers and engineers, we at Excriptech understand the concerns of your business and study the goals. Keeping all of that in mind, we draft a strategy that matches your synergy and works in sync with your pace of work.

We analyse the category, age, size, and many other factors of your business before developing a program because we want our strategy to benefit you.

So, in case you are opening a new business and wish to work smartly taking the help of technology, we are your best friends. Also, in case you are struggling with your existing business in any manner and feel that your team can work much more efficiently and get you better results, get in touch with us and let tailor-make a strategy for you.

Our team of experts and professionals will guide you, keep the process transparent, and support you at every step on the way until your business processes are fully automated and working without any hassle.